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  • Leave this lotus-filled lake


    Leave this lotus-filled lake

    Leave this lotus-filled lake, child

    Our Husband will wake up

    If he wakes, he will beat you to death

    The sin of a child’s murder will be on our heads!


    Tell me, child, have you lost your way?

    Or has some foe led you astray?

    Definitely your time (on this earth) is ending,

    Or else, why would you come here?


    Female cobra, I haven't lost my way

    And no foe has lead me astray

    In Mathura in a bet

    I lost the Cobra’s head


    You are so fair, complete in beauty,

    You are so irresistible!

    How many children has your mother borne

    Of them are you the least favored?


    My mother bore two children

    Of which I am Natwar, the younger one

    Wake up your Cobra (Husband/Master)

    My name is Krishna - the dark (?) one


    I will give you a necklace worth one and quarter lakhs

    I will give you chains (of gold)

    That much without letting our Master know

    We will give you in secret theft



    What do I do with that necklace of yours?

    What do I do with your chains (of gold)?

    Why cobra-wives

    should you steal from your own house?


    Squeezing the feet, twisting the whiskers

    Cobra-wives woke up the Cobra

    Wake up Strong One

    There is a child at the door


    The two powerful ones locked in mortal combat

    Krishna conquered the Cobra

    His thousand fangs hissing

    Like thunder in the sky


    The Cobra-wives lament

    He will cause the Cobra much suffering

    He will take him to Mathura

    And then he will behead him!


    The Cobra-wives plead with clasped hands

    Lord, release our husband

    We are guilty we did not understand

    We did not recognize you, Lord!


    All the Cobra-wives with platters full

    Made pearl offerings to Krishna

    From Narasinh’s Lord

    The Cobra-wives obtained the Cobra’s release

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