Vaishnav Jan to

Narsinh Mehta

Speak Only As Godlike Of The Man Who Feels Another's Pain

Who Shares Another's Sorrow And Pride Does Disdain

Who Regards Himself Lowliest Of The Low

Speaks Not A Word Of Evil Against Anyone

Blessed Is The Mother Who Gave Birth To Such A Son

Who Looks Upon Everyone As His Equal,

Lust He Has Renounced

Who Honors Women Like He Honors His Mother

Whose Tongue Knows Not The Taste Of Falsehood

Nor Covets Another's Worldly Goods

Who Longs Not For Worldly Wealth (or Fame)

For He Treads The Path Of Renunciation

Ever On His Lips Is Ram's Holy Name

All Places Of Pilgrimage Are Within Him

He Has Conquered Greed, Is Free Of Deceit, Lust And Anger

Through Him Narsinh Has Godly Vision

And His Generation To Come Will Attain Salvation.